VIDEO: What was that? MMA fighter vomits blue liquid and loses fight

Kafele Mensah feels ill, vomits in the center of the cage and is disqualified from an amateur MMA fight

VIDEO: What was that? MMA fighter vomits blue liquid and loses fight. Photo: Reproduction/X

At an amateur MMA event at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, in Nebraska (USA), a bizarre and unexpected scene resulted in the disqualification of a fighter. Kafele Mensah, during the fight against Josh Spatz, vomited blue liquid into the octagon, interrupting the fight and causing confusion among the public. The case happened last Friday (19).

The incident generated several speculations about the origin of the blue liquid. However, the disqualification follows the recommendation regarding fighters who lose control of bodily functions, such as in cases of vomit, feces and urine.


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Some believe that Mensah ingested some type of dietary supplement that caused the illness, while others raise the possibility of sabotage. The organization, until the closing of this article, had not commented on the matter.

Regardless of the cause, the fact is that the episode 'tainted' the fighter's record and culminated in his defeat. With the disqualification, Mensah recorded his fourth defeat in five fights in his career at MMA amateur, while Spatz gets his first victory.


MMA: Fighter is disqualified after vomiting blue liquid; see scene

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