Michael Chandler explains why he believes in a dominant victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 303

McGregor's opponent in the Irishman's return to the Octagon, Chandler exudes confidence about two months before the fight

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler in discussion at TUF 31 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Conor McGregor e Michael chandler under discussion at TUF 31 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

After waiting, waiting and finally achieving the fight against Conor McGregor, confirmed as the main attraction of UFC 303, on June 29th, in Las Vegas, in the United States, Michael chandler is confident of a completely dominant display against the Irish.

In an interview with 'The Shawn Ryan Show', Chandler detailed how he intends to use the strategy to 'break the spirit' of McGregor in search of a dominant victory over his rival.


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“What I need to work on in this fight is to continue to be the best version of myself, maybe a little more tactical. Realizing that I deserved this, realizing that I'm a better fighter, a tougher fighter and the guy who deserves more. Whether it’s getting in his face, putting him against the fence, lifting him up and putting him down, beating his spirit a little more, taking the wind out of his sails,” said the American.

Michael chandler also stated that he believed that the time Conor McGregor spent away from competitions will be one of the main differences between the two in terms of movement and reflexes.


“I don’t need to get into a gunfight with a guy who has a bigger rifle than me. I think I hit harder than him. The time away from the cage meant that his timing was no longer the same, his movements were no longer the same, his reflexes were no longer the same. He has been away from the octagon for three years. I’m going to go in there, get the interruption and absolutely be far superior to him and dominate him,” he concluded.

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