Hollywood star, The Rock starts MMA training before playing two-time UFC champion in a film

Wrestling legend and movie star, The Rock will play heavyweight Mark Kerr in the film 'Smashing Machine'

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The Rock will play two-time UFC champion in a film (Photo: Instagram)

Movie and WWE star Dwayne Johnson, better known as 'The Rock' will play former MMA fighter Mark Kerr in the biographical film 'The Smashing Machine'. To this end, the actor announced that he will 'dive head first' into MMA training in the coming months.

“From the wrestling ring to the MMA cage. Now that WrestleMania has passed, my second camp of 2024 begins tomorrow for my next role in a film titled 'The Smashing Machine'. My body is sore from WrestleMania, but I have no injuries and I feel great. I start my MMA training tomorrow. I’m coming into this with great physical condition, but MMA is a different animal,” The Rock posted on social media.


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Jon Jones fighting in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

The film will focus on Mark Kerr's career in martial arts alongside the personal problems faced by the athlete on his journey. In addition to the film's title, 'Smashing Machine' was the nickname used by Kerr throughout his martial arts career.

Mark Kerr's stint in the UFC was short, but remarkable. The North American was champion of two tournaments promoted by the organization in 1997 in the heavyweight category. After his success in the octagon, Kerr performed at Pride and several other events until retiring in 2009.


“Mark Kerr was a monster like no other. I enter this new journey with a deep respect and love for all MMA fighters and the culture. Especially for those who have suffered from addictions. I lost a lot of friends in wrestling due to addiction and mental health issues. This is my love letter to them. Let’s get to work,” wrote The Rock.

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