Date set! Former UFC champion Cain Velasquez faces trial in attempted murder case

Accused of attempted murder, American has trial scheduled for September

Cain Velasquez was arrested for attempted murder (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook Cain Velasquez)

Cain Velazquez was arrested for attempted murder (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook Cain Velazquez)

Former heavyweight champion (up to 120,2kg) of the UFC, Cain Velazquez its fate will be determined in September. The trial for the serious charges against him, including attempted murder, is scheduled to begin on September 9th in Santa Clara County Court, California. The decision was made by Judge Elizabeth C. Petersen during a hearing last Wednesday (23).

Velasquez, who attended the hearing accompanied by his lawyer Renee Hessling, was denied his request to postpone the trial. Hessling argued that the recently obtained subpoena evidence was incomplete, which would make it difficult for his client to adequately defend himself.


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However, the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office, Aaron French, opposed it, emphasizing the several reschedulings of the trial over the past year and the alleged victim's anguish in seeing justice done.

After considering the arguments, Judge Petersen chose to maintain the trial date, establishing a schedule for the next stages of the process. A preparation hearing is scheduled for June 26th, with motions being presented by August 12th and finalized by the 26th of the same month. Witness lists must be submitted by September 4th.


'Cain Velasquez case'

The case of Cain Velazquez shocked the sports world in February 2022. The former fighter was accused of shooting in a man in a traffic incident, allegedly motivated by sexual abuse against his son at a daycare. Since then, the American has been free on bail, awaiting the trial that will define his future.

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