Vitor Belfort accepts the weight suggested by Popó, but makes an unprecedented demand for the fight to happen

Ex-UFC agrees that commitment will be made at 85kg. and asks for special rules for challenges between legends

Popó seeks to fight Vitor belfort protocols for Fight Music Show. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Willing to share the ring with Popó, Vitor belfort accepted the Bahian's suggestion that the fight take place at 85kg. The ex-UFC, however, brought another chapter to the 'soap opera' and proposed a final agreement: a confrontation in the 'Martial Arts Boxing', modality created by the veteran. The idea is that the challenge is fought with adapted gloves, which allow the action of 'grabbing' the opponent.

“Challenge given, challenge accepted. You wanted me to weigh 85kg, I'll do it. But you'll have to give in on the other side. You're going to have to put on those gloves. I patented it. It's a boxing glove, only I can grab it, and so can you. What is the 'Martial Arts Boxing'? It is the union of two sports (boxing and MMA). For the first time, the MMA fighter will also have something going for him”, explained Belfort.


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After suggesting the adapted rule, Vitor argued that other actions linked to mixed martial arts will not be allowed, such as strikes with the legs and in addition to the fists.

“I’m not going to elbow you, kick you, take you down. I'll punch you. I'm going to crush your face with my hands. To do this, you will take risks. Now, let everyone in Brazil know if you are going to 'pop or accept'”, said Belfort.


In recent weeks, Popó and Vitor have starred in a true soap opera about the possible superfight. So far, both have not reached an agreement that favors both.

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