Scared! Amanda Ribas reveals scary fan stalking on the eve of UFC Las Vegas 89

The Brazilian fighter told details of how she was chased by a 'strange admirer' the week of her fight with Rose Namajunas

A. Ribas at the UFC weigh-in (Photo: Twitter/@ufc)

On the eve of the most important fight of his career, Amanda ribas had to deal with a big scare. In the week of UFC Las Vegas 89, held last March, the Brazilian athlete revealed that she was chased by a 'strange' fan and that she even had to call the organization's security guards.

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“I don’t remember his name, but he was a bit of a crazy guy. On the first day, I arrived at the hotel, fans are usually there so we can sign something, take a photo, but this guy was a little crazy. He kept shouting: 'Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful'. That same day, the guy at reception called my room and said: 'Amanda, Alex is here and wants to come up'. But Alex is my manager's name. I said: 'Hey, sensei is here now'. He went and said a crazy surname, I said: 'I don't know it'. I already found that a bit strange”, said Amanda in an interview with 'Ag.Fight'.


Ribas said that the fan gave him a strange gift, which made her worry about the real intentions of her 'admirer'.

“The other day, when we arrived at reception again, the guy was waiting. But he said he wanted to talk to me, and I said it wasn't possible at the moment. He spoke to my father, gave him a letter, a bracelet and a teddy bear. So far, everything is normal, because it's something that happens. I actually like it, I love receiving gifts. Then I read in the letter that he had been in love with me as a man since 2020, that he met me in Abu Dhabi. We went searching. This guy, on his social network, it was written that I was his wife, that he lived in such a country and was going to move to Varginha... There was a photo of a teddy bear, everyone in my family, saying 'This is Marcelo, this is Arthur , this is Mirelly, this is Amanda, my wife'. There were some really crazy deals”, continued the Brazilian.


The story became even scarier when Amanda discovered that her fan managed to get into the UFC Performance Institute

“The other day, this citizen managed to get into the PI (Performance Institute), I don't know how, and he was telling people that I was his wife. Alex Davis (businessman) found out about it first, then he told me. Then he informed the UFC and they left a security guard with me 24 hours a day, to make me even more protected. It seems that they discovered that he is a fighter, and couldn't fight at an event because he had taken a sword”, concluded Ribas.


In the main fight UFC Las Vegas 89, held on March 23, Amanda ribas was defeated by the former champion Rose namajunas in the unanimous decision of the judges.

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