Kleber Bambam challenges Whindersson Nunes to boxing fight: 'Just score'

Ex-BBB exchanges barbs, provokes comedians on social media and raises doubts about possible fight

Kleber Bambam challenges Whindersson Nunes to boxing fight Just score. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Kleber Bambam challenges Whindersson Nunes for a boxing fight: 'Just score'. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

A new chapter in the history of Brazilian celebrity fights seems to be about to be written. Last Wednesday (24), ex-BBB Kleber Bambam provoked the comedian Whindersson Nunes on his social networks, challenging him to a combat of boxing.

In the image shared by the bodybuilder, he and Whindersson appear face to face, both with boxing gloves, in an atmosphere of tension and rivalry. In the caption, BamBam fans the flames of the dispute.


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“I’m ready, just set the date and place! The king of marketing (Bambam) / The king of the internet and YouTube (Whindersson) / The king of circus and humor (Tirullipa). News already,” he wrote, amid emojis of muscles and boxing gloves.

At 46 years old, Kleber Bambam became a well-known name across the country after winning the first edition of Big Brother Brasil in 2002. Since then, the São Paulo native has built a successful career as a bodybuilder.


Bambam x Whindersson Nunes

In 2024, BamBam expanded his horizons and debuted in professional boxing, facing the experienced Acelino Popó. Despite the defeat in just 36 seconds, the ex-BBB did not show any discouragement to continue his career in the sport.

Whindersson Nunes, in turn, needs no introduction. The comedian, who has millions of followers on social media, has already ventured into the world of fighting previously, also in a fight against Popó Freitas. Despite being defeated, he continued in the sport and had three other fights, with one positive and two negative results.

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