Popó responds to Vitor Belfort's unusual proposal for a boxing fight on the Fight Music Show

Four-time world champion reacts to the idea of ​​a clash with alternative rules and puts the dispute between legends in check

Popó was featured on Fight Music Show'. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @fightmusicshow

Popó participated in four editions of the Fight Music Show. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The boxing match between Acelino Popó Freitas and Vitor belfort may not get off the ground. After a proposal to confront alternative rules, uniting elements of MMA, the boxer reacted negatively to the idea and indicated that the fight between legends should not happen. On his Instagram profile, the Bahian explained his position.

“This year, annoying things happened to me, in terms of provocations. The first was (Kleber) Bambam. (…) Now, you have the Vitor belfort. He made a glove more than 15 years ago and, to this day, he tries to promote this glove. He wants to promote the glove with me, which has nothing to do with one another. I have no reason to fight who people want. I fight whoever I want. I'm no longer a professional fighter. I'm 48 years old. I do these fights to promote my sport, give people joy, and for people to know my story. (…) Vitor is already being discarded”, said Popó, on his Instagram profile.


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A few days ago, the four-time world champion even announced the confrontation with Belfort for September, at Fight Music Show 5. Afterwards, the former UFC fighter denied the Bahian and denied the existence of the contract.

Today, Popó is the main athlete to perform at the FMS. To date, the athlete has shared the ring with names like Whindersson Nunes, Pelé Landi, Junior Dublê and, recently, Kleber Bambam.


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