Bite and blow? Desafeto refers to Poatan as 'very limited', but praises the champion's trajectory

Anthony Smith stated that he maintains everything he has already said about Poatan, but assured that it is not a persecution

Alex Poatán

Alex Poatán (left) fighting in UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In recent months, Anthony Smith has become a declared enemy of Alex Poatán. Although he refuses to take back a single word of what he has already said, the American guarantees that he is not pursuing the light heavyweight champion in any way.

In an interview with the North American website 'MMA Fighting', Smith, who in addition to being a fighter also works as a commentator and analyst for the UFC, once again classified Poatan's game as 'very limited', but praised the champion's trajectory.


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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I stand by everything I said. Daniel Cormier He says all the time that he doesn't understand how this guy (Poatan) still wins fights. I wonder the same thing. It doesn't make any sense! He has a very limited arsenal. He is very, very, very dangerous at one thing and mediocre at the rest. Instead of making it seem like I'm talking shit about him, I'm putting him up there. This is amazing! It's absolutely incredible that he's been able to do what he does at this level for all this time. It's impressive. I'm not talking shit about him. It’s impressive,” Smith said.

In the opinion of Anthony Smith, much of Poatan's success is due to the fact that he is always in the right place and against the right opponents.


“He's had some marriages, I don't want to say favorable ones, because it might seem like he's avoiding fighting other guys, and he's not. But he had a few marriages that were favorable to him and things worked out well. This is MMA. That's the game. Sometimes things just work out,” he concluded.

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