Ketlen Vieira attacks Kayla Harrison again and accuses the North American of refusing to fight: 'He gave no response'

The Nova União athlete criticized the North American's hype and revealed that she has not yet responded about a possible duel on June 29

K. Vieira and K. Harrison should soon face each other in the UFC (Photo: Montage/Social Networks)

The Brazilian Ketlen Scallop remains uncomfortable with the hype achieved by Kayla harrison after his Ultimate debut. In an interview with the 'MMA Mania' website, the Nova União athlete said that the American should go through her before fighting for the belt and accused the ex-PFL judoka of refusing to face her on June 29th.

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“I don't see Kayla, with just one fight, wanting to get past me. If she wants to be next, she has to go through number two, which is me. Mick (Maynard) already offered the fight to us, on June 29th, I accepted and so far she hasn't accepted. She has to accept it. So far, she has not given a response. I'm not in the UFC for the shortest route. I'm there to fight with the best. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. For me, he is more than accepting this fight. I already asked Kayla. I don't know what she wants, what she thinks. She cannot reach and overtake those who are working. I'm not asking for something absurd. I'm asking for what I'm entitled to. If she wants to be the best, the next one, she has to go through me,” Ketlen said.


Two-time PFL champion, Kayla debuted in Ultimate on April 13th, in the historic UFC 300. On the preliminary card of the show, the judoka was not aware of the former bantamweight champion Holly holm and submitted her rival in the second round of the match.

Number two in the ranking led by Rachel Pennington, Ketlen is enjoying a good moment in the organization with three wins in his last four fights. At 32 years old, the Nova União fighter has an MMA record of 14 triumphs and just three setbacks.

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