Video: Fighter lands beautiful high kick and impressively 'erases' rival

Kendra McIntyre hit Katarina Legorreta in the head, who fell completely unrestrained against the cage railing; Watch the video of the brutal knockout

Fighter Kendra McIntyre sees a beautiful high kick and eliminates Katarina Legorreta. Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

We have another candidate for knockout of the year! If among men Max Holloway fires as a favorite, after the Brutal knockout at UFC 300 against Justin Gaethje, Kendra McIntyre seems to stand out in the women's category. The knockout applied by the North American is brutal and frightening (see the video below).

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Charles do Bronx is one of the Brazilian stars in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Alex Poatán

McIntyre combined jab, straight and high kick in Katarina Legorreta, who already fell completely unconscious on the railing. The fight was highlighted at LFA 182, held on Friday night (26).


Kendra McIntyre's brutal knockout was the first knockout of her professional career. She accepted a blow applied by Legorreta to counterattack in style. She threw a combination of punches and high kicks. Legorreta fell completely unconscious next to the bars.

Check out the video below of Kendra McIntyre's devastating knockout, candidate for 'knockout of the year':


The 'owner' of the knockout

Kendra McIntyre, 28, has a professional record of three wins and one loss. If the most impressive triumph of the American's career was a kick, her only setback also happened in the same way. She was disqualified for illegally kicking Jayde Sheeley in early 2024. Previously, Kendra's two wins were by decision.

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