Former UFC commentator reveals employee celebrations after Ronda Rousey defeats

Jimmy Smith refuted Ronda Rousey's comments and stated that Ultimate employees 'couldn't stand' the former champion

Ronda Rousey Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey in defeat to Holly holm. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

Days after Ronda Rousey go public with a vent about his difficult relationship with the MMA press, it was the other side’s turn to give their version. Former UFC commentator, Jimmy Smith refuted the former champion's comments and assured that 'Rowdy' was not a popular figure among the organization's staff.

In a recent edition of the podcast 'Unlocking the Cage', Smith criticized Ronda Rousey for always wanting credit and never accepting any type of blame or recognizing the merits of her opponents.


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“One of the things I've always said about God is that he gets all the credit but none of the blame. That's what Ronda Rousey he wants. All credit and no blame. 'I want credit for my wins, my losses, I had concussions and this and that. I'm the greatest of all time.' But when it didn't work, it was never because of her. She never gives credit to the people who defeated her. The idea of ​​leaving MMA and going to WWE because of concussions doesn’t even make sense,” said the commentator.

According to Smith, the UFC backstage staff's dislike of Ronda Rousey it was so big that they celebrated the defeats suffered by the former champion.


“I don't tell many behind-the-scenes things. Ronda, if you're listening, the people behind the scenes, cameras, audio, people you push, mistreat and belittle, they can't stand you. Everyone who needed to put a microphone on their Ronda Rousey they couldn't stand it. They said she was a s*** from the moment she sat down until she stood up. They celebrated when she was knocked out. That's what I heard. So don't say you are the victim. The poor guy behind the camera is doing his job and being mistreated by you. Don’t give me that victim s***,” she concluded.

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