Monark challenges Felipe Neto to a boxing fight and proposes a bet for a possible confrontation

'Canceled' on the internet, former member of 'Flow Podcast' proposes challenge to YouTube veteran

Monark (left) challenged Felipe Neto (right) to a boxing match. Photo: SUPER FIGHTS montage

Former presenter of podcast 'Flow', Monark challenged Felipe Neto to a boxing match. 'Cancelled' on the internet in 2022, after defending the creation of a Nazi party, the digital influencer seems willing to get involved in the world of combat sports. The proposal was made in the 'X', old 'Twitter' and had the right to bet.

“I challenge Felipe Neto to a boxing fight. The loser has to stop getting involved and talking about politics. Take advantage and make some money before retiring,” wrote Monark.


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Charles do Bronx is one of the Brazilian stars in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

YouTube veteran, Felipe Neto did not respond to his 'colleague's' attack. In recent years, the comedian has been active in politics, just like Monark.

In the fashion of challenges between digital influencers, the eventual fight would mark the debut of both in boxing.


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