UFC star raises controversy by saying he will educate his son at home 'so he doesn't become gay'

UFC featherweight and defender of the 'flat Earth' theory, Bryce Mitchell also campaigned against vaccinating children

Bryce Mitchell UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@UFC

Bryce mitchell UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@UFC

UFC featherweight highlight (up to 65,7 kg), Bryce mitchell He is known both for his martial arts skills, especially in grappling, and for his controversial and often anti-scientific stances outside the Octagon.

Last Wednesday (24), the North American, who has already stated that he believes that the Earth is flat and that the United States government is responsible for mass shootings, published a controversial and irresponsible video on his official page stating that vaccines They can make children autistic or even lead to their death.


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“I want to encourage you not to vaccinate your children, because I think it is bad for their health. They can potentially kill them. It can make them autistic. These vaccines are poisonous. Don’t vaccinate your children,” said the fighter.

In addition to anti-scientism, Bryce mitchell he also exuded homophobia when he stated that he will educate his son at home because, according to him, public schools 'turn children into gays, communists and satanists'.


“Tucker will be homeschooled. Let's homeschool our children or they will end up becoming gay. I don't want him to be a communist, I don't want him to worship Satan, and I don't want him to be gay. They took away the most valuable book from public schools, the record holder for sales. The oldest and most accurate historical document of all: the Bible. They took him out of school and replaced him with Edgar Allen Poe, who had sex with his cousin. My son will not read Edgar Allen Poe. He will read the Bible. If you don't teach these things to children, they will be directly offered to the devil. We won’t let that happen,” he concluded.

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