Belal Muhammad fires shots at Leon Edwards before title fight: 'I'm going to make it look easy'

Belal Muhammad was announced as a challenger for the Brit's belt at the July 27th event in Manchester

Belal Muhammad UFC 288

Belal Muhammad | in victory in Ultimate (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

More than three years after the unsuccessful fight against Leon edwards in March 2021, Belal Muhammad | got the right to the long-awaited fight against the now UFC welterweight champion (up to 77,1 kg). Confirmed as a challenger for the belt at UFC 304, scheduled for July 27th, in Manchester, England, the North American believes it was a mistake for the Brit to have waited so long to accept the fight.

In an interview with 'MMA Fighting', Belal stated that he has been improving every day since his first meeting with Edwards, which ended after an accidental poke in the eye by the Brit. The American revealed that he had spent the last few months studying exclusively the current champion's weaknesses.


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“The biggest mistake of his life was dragging this fight out for so long, because now I'm improving every day. I'm a guy who doesn't leave the gym. We are evolving. Now you have a guy who has been watching you for a whole year. Even when I was training to be a reserve, I only watched Leon's fights, I didn't care about Colby. Colby would be an easy fight. We are having consecutive camps focused on you. I am evolving my strengths against your weaknesses. The worst thing you did was give me time”, said the challenger.

In the opinion of Belal Muhammad |, the main weakness of Leon edwards is found in the mental part of the game. The North American guarantees that he is ready to dictate the pace of the fight and make the champion uncomfortable in the UFC 304 duel.


“He became mentally weak. He's not strong enough to get inside and find out on his own. When it starts to be pressed, it starts to break. When he starts to get knocked down, he starts to break. When he starts getting hit, he hates it. Colby let him lead the pace. Usman, in the third fight, let him drive the pace. When I get in there, it won't be like that. I will be in your face for all 25 minutes”, he promised.

Lastly, Belal Muhammad | stated that he believes that the title fight against Leon edwards it will be one of the easiest fights of his career.


“I honestly think it's going to be one of the easiest fights I've ever had. I think I'm going to go in there and run him over. I'll make it look easy. (…) See what I'm going to do in front of his people, in his city, in front of the fans who will be booing. I will crush him”, he concluded.

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