VIDEO: Fighter 'kisses canvas' after devastating knockout and leaves cage on stretcher

Shingo Yakul leaves cage on stretcher. Photo: Reproduction/X

The edition of Shooto, held last Saturday (18), featured tense moments. Shingo Yakul, a 25-year-old athlete, suffered a brutal knockout against Kodai Sudo and left the cage carried on a stretcher. The athlete 'kissed the canvas' 20 seconds into the first round.

In the images (see below), it is possible to follow the moment in which Yakul receives the withering attack applied by Sudo. The outcome came after the direct encounter hit the young man's face cleanly.


The outcome worried the organization's medical team. After the knockout, Shingo had to leave the cage supported by the professionals responsible.

Victorious in the clash, Kodai Sudo celebrated the feat against his rival.


Watch the brutal knockout suffered by Shingo Yakul

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