Chael Sonnen provokes Anderson Silva and promises a boxing duel: 'He knows that'

The North American rekindled the rivalry in an ironic way and promised to cheat against the Brazilian in the clash on June 15

Anderson Silva faces Chael Sonnen in Brazil. Photo: Reproduction

If the advertisement Chael Sonnen as rival of Anderson Silva in boxing caused surprise among fans, the North American made a point of showing that he still has a 'sharp tongue'. In an interview with 'Combate', the former middleweight challenger (up to 83,9kg) mocked the Brazilian and assured, in an ironic way, that he will cheat in the competition.fight scheduled for June 15th, in Sao Paulo.

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“We can respect the rules or not. You will have your rules, I will do what I want! I faced Anderson twice, I didn't follow the rules in either of them! And before you condemn me, he didn't follow the rules that much either, okay? He grabbed my shorts, put his finger in my mouth, I covered his mouth, I covered his eyes, it's a dirty fight! I will cheat! I do not know how. They have 14 ounce gloves, I'm going to take the padding off them, or I'm going to bandage my hands like a cast, I'm going to cheat in this fight. But he knows I'm going to cheat! He knows that very well!”, said Sonnen, ironically.


At 49, Anderson Silva has been inactive for almost two years. In his last appearance, the Brazilian ended up being surpassed by Jake Paul in the unanimous decision of the judges. Professional in the noble art since 2021, the athlete has two wins, one draw and one setback. Despite it being his last performance in Brazil, Spider avoided retirement.

Moreover, Chael Sonnen prepares to debut in boxing. Currently acting as a commentator, the North American has not performed since 2019, when he was defeated by Lyoto Machida at Bellator.

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