Former UFC champion plans unprecedented feat for Conor McGregor in case of victory over Michael Chandler

Michael Bisping recognizes the importance of the Irishman's triumph in the fight that takes place on June 29

C. McGregor (photo) returns to the octagon in UFC 303. Photo: Reproduction / Instagram@UFC

The commentator Michael Bisping recognized the importance of a victory for Conor McGregor No. UFC 303. On your channel YouTube, the MMA veteran admitted he sees chances of an unprecedented feat for the Irishman in the future. The Englishman indicated the athlete's chance of winning three belts in the organization.

“They are promoting the fight a lot. This may be the last time we see Conor McGregor in the octagon. If Conor wins, he will fight for a belt next, and there are multiple belts he can fight for. He can fight for the lightweight (up to 70,3kg.), welterweight (up to 77,1kg.) and the ‘BMF’ titles,” Bisping said.


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Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen on two occasions in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

If Michael's prediction is confirmed, Conor will be the first to have the opportunity to accomplish an unprecedented feat: seeking a third UFC belt. Today, the Irishman has two achievements on his record.

No UFC 303, McGregor resumes his career after almost three years of inactivity. The 'Notório' has not competed since the serious injury suffered in 2021.

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