Trainer praises Anderson Silva before fight with Chael Sonnen: 'Moves like a lightweight'

Anderson Silva's boxing coach, Luiz Dorea praised the 'Spider's' conditioning at 49 years of age

Anderson Silva dodges Tito

A. Silva put on a show by defeating T. Ortiz in boxing (Photo: Twitter/Triller)

On the 15th of June, Anderson Silva returns to the ring to have his last boxing fight on Brazilian soil against his old rival Chael Sonnen. 'Spider' boxing coach, Luis Dorea preaches respect for his opponent, but guarantees the Brazilian is 'in the best shape' at 49 years of age.

In an interview with 'MMA Fighting', Dorea made a point of not minimizing the capabilities of Chael Sonnen, preached respect to the North American and guaranteed that Anderson Silva is taking the duel with due seriousness.


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Sean Strickland has the belt buckled at UFC 293. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“He (Sonnen) is an MMA athlete, so he is complete. He is experienced. Even though his base isn't boxing, he knows how to punch and defend himself, he has good timing, distance and experience, so we can't underestimate him. Sonnen deserves respect for everything he has done in the sport and Anderson has approached this fight in a very professional way, because he wants to deliver a great show to the fans”, said the coach.

Retired from MMA almost four years ago, Anderson Silva he had four boxing matches during this period. Dorea defined 'Spider' as a professional of the noble art and highlighted the fluidity in his pupil's movement.


“We know it’s a contact sport and anything can happen. Anderson respects all opponents. He's a boxer now. He used to box for MMA, with kicks and takedowns, but we've been working on pure boxing for the last four or five years, so he's a complete professional now. He's a heavyweight who moves like a lightweight, basically. This is rare,” he pointed out.

Finally, Luiz Dorea stated that, despite his advanced age, Anderson Silva is in the best physical shape and has a great chance of knocking out Chael Sonnen on the 15th of June.


“His conditioning is out of the ordinary. His age does not reflect reality. He is 49 years old but looks 10 or 15 years younger. The way he moves, the notion of time and distance and the speed of learning, the reflexes. You will see it on June 15th. I've always said that a knockout is a consequence of good connecting hands and Anderson is ready to connect and get the knockout. I believe that Sonnen is taking care of himself, because Anderson will arrive in the best shape and motivated to fight in Brazil”, he concluded.

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