UFC champion blasts celebrities' weight-loss medicine and rules out its use in fights: 'It's boring!'

Danger in the octagon? UFC champion Sean O'Malley warns about the dangers of Ozempic to lose weight easily

Sean O'Malley UFC 299 Instagram

Sean O'Malley was the main star of UFC 299 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Sean O'Malley, current holder of the bantamweight belt (up to 61,2kg.) UFC, gave his opinion on the 'fashionable medicine' among celebrities: Ozempic. Originally prescribed for type 2 diabetics, the medication gained notoriety for its side effects linked to weight loss, attracting a growing number of celebrities looking for quick results. But the fighter doesn't seem to share the enthusiasm.

On his YouTube channel, O'Malley admitted profound ignorance about the medicine, but based his criticism on observation.


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“I've seen people I know taking it and losing a lot of weight. I just don't think it's the way out. It's flawed. The science behind this doesn't convince me. It seems like it messes up more than just turning off the hunger sensors in your head. Let's go for good old fashioned effort, folks. It’s the way, partner”, said the champion.

Weight cutting is a brutal reality in the fight world. The practice, essential for classifying athletes into specific categories and ensuring balanced fights, also generates controversy. Many fans criticize the rigorous methods used by fighters, which often put their health at risk.


Sean O'Malley, however, does not have any major difficulties in assessing the limit of the division in which it leads. The North American has a record of 18 positive results and one negative result, in addition to one fight without result in the MMA professional.

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