Borrachinha prepares with 'secret weapon' to surprise Strickland at UFC 302

For a crucial fight in the organization, Brazilian 'summons' Kelson Pinto and Edvaldo 'Badola' Gonzaga for the final stretch of preparation

Paulo Borrachinha is the Brazilian representative at UFC 302. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@UFC

Paulo borrachinha is the Brazilian representative in UFC 302. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@UFC

In search of redemption and a crucial step towards the middleweight title (up to 83,9kg.) UFC, Paulo borrachinha bet on an innovative strategy for the fight against the former champion Sean Strickland No. UFC 302: the integration of two former Olympic boxers into his training team.

Kelson Pinto, green-yellow representative in Sydney 2000, and Edvaldo 'Badola' Gonzaga, participant of the Athens Games in 2004, were recruited to assist in Borrachinha's preparation, aiming to improve his striking technique and explore new strategies for the duel in 1st June at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.


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“I met Kelson at the UFC PI gym when I was training. He taught me how to be more efficient with my striking. Edvaldo Badola is also a boxing coach, in the same vein as Kelson. He was also an Olympic athlete. We’re trying to mix styles to get the best of each one”, revealed the fighter on the UFC’s “Countdown” program.

Borrachinha at UFC 302

Paulo borrachinha x Sean Strickland will be the co-main fight of UFC 302, scheduled for June 1st, at the Prudential Center, in Newark, New Jersey. In addition to the miner, Jailton Malhadinho, Elizeu Capoeira, Cesinha Almeida and André Mascote represent the country.


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