Cesar Almeida analyzes his career in the UFC and is sincere when talking about his interest in facing Poatan

Speaking exclusively to SUPER LUTAS, the Brazilian guarantees he is ready for the next fight and rules out the possibility of facing his old rival in the future

Heading towards his second appearance in UFC fights, Cesar Almeida has great expectations about his future in the organization. Escalated to face Roman Kopylov this Saturday (1), the Brazilian, in an exclusive interview with SUPER FIGHTS, analyzed preparation for the confrontation and recognized the opportunity offered to present himself in the great UFC 302, which will take place in Newark (USA).

“In his fight with anthony hernandez I was at home with my wife and I told her to wait for me, because we were going out, I said I wanted to watch because I might face one of these guys. When you imagine and speak, the stops really happen. The invitation came two days after my debut and we accepted because it was a big event”, declared Cesar.


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As he continued his speech, the Brazilian spoke about his preparation for the clash held at Xtreme Couture and the UFC Performance Institute.

“When the invitation arrived on Monday for this fight, I talked to my manager and coaches and we accepted the fight. The preparation was very good, no injuries, we made some adjustments in training. I’m better than in the last fight and super ready for this fight.”


Chosen to face an athlete with a reputation in kickboxing, Cesar recognized the positive side of the combat marriage.

“It's very important for me because I'm going to put my kickboxing into play, just as he's going to put his kickboxing into play. I think the UFC wants that. There were two fights that I couldn't place. Not because of my lack of efficiency, but because they proposed this: grappling. I couldn't use kickboxing because the guys approached me and wanted to grapple. Now we have the opportunity to see Cesinha fighting, so I think it's a perfect marriage, because he's a guy who only fights. We will come out on top and it will be a better fight at night.”

Cesar Almeida in victory at UFC Las Vegas 90 Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/ UFC News

Cesar Almeida in victory in the UFC Las Vegas 90 Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/ UFC News

Without wanting to carry out challenges before a possible victory, Cesar avoided revealing names he wants to face next.

“I have a few things in mind, yes. But I prefer to keep it a secret, off the record. This fight will open up great possibilities for me. He's a guy who was already close to the rankings, so he's going to put me at that level. I'm going to move up a level in the organization. I’m looking to move up in the category”

Former rival of Alex Poatán, Cesar ended rumors about a possible attempt to face his compatriot next and stated that he is not thinking about moving up a category.

“We are more friends (than rivals). This fight is going to be very difficult to happen, let's be honest. Alex is already moving up to heavyweight, I will never move up to heavyweight. I'm looking for my name, I'm not here just because of him, I'm here because of everything I did in kickboxing, in MMA fights and for what I showed on the Contender Series. Of course, he gave me a name for being one of the guys who beat him, but today I think it's very difficult for this fight to happen. We might even train together, it’s a good school for us to train”

César Almeida (right) in a kickboxing fight

Cesar Almeida (dir.) adds one defeat and one victory in fights with Alex Poatán in kickboxing. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Despite having expressed disinterest in facing Poatan, Cesar did not rule out confrontations against Israel adesanya e Dricus Du Plessis.

“I’m not looking for a fight against him. He even joked that if I won four fights (we would face each other). The UFC will not make this fight. Now, with Adesanya, Du Plessis this is possible because the guys are in my division. I think this way”

Finally, Cesinha stated that she will definitely not change categories.

“I’m not going up. My weight is this (average) weight. I have always fought in this category. Maybe in the future I can go up, but I don’t think about that now.”

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