Dustin Poirier ignores possible retirement and rules out broad Islam Makhachev favoritism

The lightweight belt challenger showed confidence in his abilities and assured that he will be able to overcome the Russian athlete this Saturday (01)

D. Poirier beat B Saint-Denis in the UFC 299. (Photo: Twitter / @UFCNews)

Ready for his third fight for the lightweight belt (up to 70,3kg), Dustin poirier ignored the broad favoritism given to the champion Islam makhachev. On UFC 302, which takes place next Saturday (01), the 'Diamante' showed confidence in his abilities and guaranteed that he was fully capable of leaving the arena in New Jersey (USA) with the belt in his possession.

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“I can definitely win this fight. If I touch his chin, it will fall and he will find out on Saturday. Maybe that's something he doesn't need to believe. Maybe he needs to be positive and be confident or heading towards that, which he should be. But if you think I have no chance of winning, you're lying to yourself. Every time I go into a fight, it's to kill or be killed. I know this is used a lot, people exaggerate, but it's true. I will end Islam or it will end me. That’s how I fight,” Poirier said.


Fueled by an imposing victory over Benoit Saint-Denis Last March, Poirier will fight for the lightweight belt for the third time in the UFC. The 'Diamond' rival will be the champion Islam makhachev in the main fight of UFC 302, which will be held in Newark, New Jersey (USA).

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