Paulo Borrachinha's rival, Sean Strickland harshly criticizes the new UFC gloves

Former middleweight champion Sean Strickland did not approve of the new gloves, which debut this Saturday (1), at UFC 302


S. Strickland (left) after UFC victory. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Starring in a lightweight (up to 70,3 kg) belt dispute between Islam makhachev e Dustin poirier: UFC 302 has another major highlight: the debut of new gloves of the organization, which aims to reduce the incidence of fingerprints on the eyes and injuries to the hands of athletes.

Former middleweight champion (up to 83,9 kg) and opponent of Paulo borrachinha in the co-main fight of this Saturday’s event (1), Sean Strickland revealed, during the 'media day' held last Wednesday (29), his dissatisfaction with the new equipment.


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“They are s***. Can we talk to the people who made these gloves? Have you ever been in a fight in your f***ing lives? It's like these f***ing idiots have no idea. It seemed like a good idea and they did it. It's the same thing with motorcycles. I've been buying motorcycles and they put so many stupid things on them. How do these idiots think this is a good idea? So no, they are absolute sh*t. You guys dropped the ball on this one,” said the former champion.

Sean Strickland was not the only one to disapprove of the new gloves. Other athletes, as Islam Makhachev, pointed out the rigidity of the new equipment as a greater risk of cuts during fights. The former middleweight champion, however, doesn't think that's the case.


“If you get cuts from being hit on the f***ing head, don’t get hit on the f***ing head, then you won’t get cuts. You get poked in the eye because you open sh*t your hand, so don't open your hands and you won't get poked in the eye. People create problems that don’t really exist”, he concluded.

With the debut of the new Ultimate gloves, the UFC 302 takes place this Saturday (1), in Newark, New Jersey, in the United States.


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