Training partner reveals that Dustin Poirier fought injured against Islam Makhachev at UFC 302

According to Yves Edwards, Poirier came into action with a rib injury that limited his final stretch of preparation.

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Islam makhachev derrotou Dustin poirier No. UFC 302 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Despite being completed by Islam makhachev in the fifth round, Dustin poirier impressed a lot of people with the level of his performance in the fight for the lightweight belt (up to 70,3 kg) of the UFC 302, last Saturday (1). The 'Diamante' performance becomes even more impressive after a recent report from one of his teammates.

During his appearance on the 'MMA Today on Sirius XM' podcast, Yves Edwards, former UFC fighter and Poirier's partner in American Top Team, revealed that the 'Diamante' arrived for the fight against Makhachev with injured ribs and without practicing grappling for around two weeks.


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“The way he performed on Saturday, man, it was super impressive to me. Nobody knows this and he will probably complain that I said it. I know Makhachev wasn't 100%, no one goes into a fight 100%, but he (Poirier) injured his ribs two weeks before the fight and hasn't done wrestling or grappling training since then. I shouldn't say that, but it makes everything more impressive,” said the former fighter.

According to Edwards, the fact that he fought with an injured rib would not be so revealing against any opponent, but it takes on greater importance in front of a wrestling specialist like Islam makhachev.


“It’s impressive for being against Makhachev. Against anyone else, it wouldn't matter so much. But against Makhachev? Dude, you wrestled with that guy with the injured ribs? Okay, I was impressed”, he concluded.

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