Bitetti Combat clarifies doubts about scholarships

The Bitetti Combat organization clarifies issues relating to the scholarships of athletes who were in action at Maracanãzinho, on September 12th. According to a note published in “O Globo”, without any consultation with the event organizers and without revealing sources, it was said that the payment of the fighters had not been made.

“We are paying all the fighters, everyone has already received some amount or has already had their purse paid. It was a big event, it had high costs and we are rectifying everything that was agreed. The fighters are aware of the deadlines and so far there have been no complaints from them”, says Amaury Bitetti.

Fernando Miranda, who also works in the Bitetti Combat organization, is another speaker on the issue.


“In fact, most national events have the habit of agreeing the salary in the locker room, as was said in the note, but our event was of international standard and the scholarships we are paying are much higher than those of any MMA show that has ever taken place in Brazil . Dream takes months to pay the scholarship and not even the UFC pays immediately. We have our deadlines and we are meeting everything. We are working in the best possible way, so much so that we already have proposals to hold three more events”, declares Fernando Miranda.


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