VIDEO: Widespread fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal before boxing fight

Tension explodes at press conference and teams of former UFC stars exchange punches

Generalized fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal before boxing fight. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Generalized fight marks collective Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

What was supposed to be the kickoff of the long-awaited boxing match between Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal turned into a chaotic scene at the press conference held on Thursday (5) in Anaheim, California. The event ended in dispute between members of the fighters' teams.

Tension had already been in the air since Nate and Masvidal's last meeting, in 2019, for the inaugural BMF belt in the UFC. The fight, ended by a deep cut on the 'bad boy's' eye, ended in victory for 'Jesus das Roas'. Since then, the rivalry between the two has persisted. The fight takes place on July 6th.


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However, the atmosphere heated up even before the meeting in the ring. It all started with Nate diaz, who got up and began leaving the press conference before the traditional confrontation with his rival. Despite the organization's requests to return to the stage, the fighter just posed for the cameras and left before leaving. Jorge masvidal.

The two fighters then began to argue and, quickly, the teams on both sides got involved. The situation worsened when a member of Nate's team threw a punch at Masvidal, after the Cuban slapped him. Jorge Capetillo, boxing coach of 'Jesus das Ruas', retaliated in kind, starting a widespread fight.


Interestingly, Nate diaz he did not participate in the confusion and did not even appear in any of the videos of the incident circulating on social media. Already Jorge masvidal, who was in the fight, appears not to have been seriously injured.

VIDEO: Widespread fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal before boxing fight

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