VIDEO: Diaz comments on a general fight at a press conference with Masvidal and almost starts a new mess

The rivalry that began in the UFC Octagon gains a new chapter with a boxing duel between Diaz and Masvidal on July 6

Nate Diaz Jorge Masvidal

Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal face each other in July (Photo: Instagram)

With exactly one month left until the boxing duel between Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal, the atmosphere between the two teams heated up a lot at a press conference held last Thursday (6), in Anaheim, California. A widespread confusion starring the teams of the two fighters, it almost didn't get a second chapter.

In an interview given to the channel 'Fight Hub TV' shortly after the confusion, Nate diaz he stated that he had not participated in the conflict and gave his opinion regarding press conferences before fights.


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Volkanovski is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

“I didn't see what happened. I had already left. I found out that his coach got hit. Who****. I'm a real fighter. I'm not going to sit here and argue and talk shit to people unless they do something, unless they really fight. I'm not going to stay here to talk shit and look at each other. It was my time to leave”, said the fighter.

During the interview, however, Nate diaz noticed part of the Jorge masvidal a few meters away, in the corridor, and began to provoke them, almost starting a second riot.


“What are you looking at? Come here and get your asses kicked again! Sorry motherfuckers! Yeah, go away, bitches! You c***s!” he provoked.

VIDEO – Watch the moment Nate Diaz almost starts another mess with Jorge Masvidal's team:

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