Idolized by the public, Anderson Silva leads open training at Spaten Fight Night, in Rio de Janeiro

Alongside his son Kalyl Silva, Hebert Conceição and Jojo Ramos, Spider participated in the activity before facing Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva open training Spaten Fight Night

Anderson Silva in open training in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Wander Roberto/Gazeta Press)

Aterro do Flamengo became a true martial arts arena this Sunday (9). There was a ring, boxing, lots of fans, celebrities and big names in the sport. All this, under the command of one of the greatest legends of Brazilian sport: Anderson Silva. The former champion was the main star of the open training session in preparation for Spaten Fight Night, in the capital of Rio. In preparation, his son Kalyl Silva, Hebert Conceição and Jojo Ramos were present, who are also part of the event card scheduled for next Saturday (15), at Komplexo Tempo, in São Paulo. The night will mark Anderson's farewell to Brazil, in a duel against the American Chael Sonnen.

On a sunny day, the heat intensified with the large presence of the public, who were able to watch the fighters' final preparations for next weekend's fights. In addition to the sweat on the ring, we had a lot of interaction between athletes and fans, in a special moment of conversation with the public present, where Anderson Silva stole the show and broke protocol by posing in photos with fans.


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His son, Kalyl Silva, is already a standout in boxing and is generating a lot of expectation among martial arts fans. He, who is coached by Luiz Dórea, reinforced the importance of being surrounded by great icons. “Dórea is a very experienced coach, I will be eternally grateful for training with him. Furthermore, the greatest honor in the world is being able to train with my father, it has been an incredible opportunity.”

Another “child” of Luiz Dórea, who was present at the open training session, was the Bahian boxer Hebert Conceição. He took the moment to talk about the representation of fighting at Spaten Fight Night. “It’s an honor to be at this event with Anderson and to be able to start my professional journey alongside him, which is the biggest inspiration for my career.”


Anderson Silva in open training in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Wander Roberto/Gazeta Press)

In the same space where we have martial arts icons and fighters who are developing their boxing careers, we will have MMA debuts during Spaten Fight Night. This is Jojo Ramos, who was also present at today's open training session.


“For me, it's incredible, a dream come true, especially because I'm fighting in the same event as Anderson. We improve, we improve, we have to be prepared for anything. I was born to do this”, said Jojo, when explaining his expectations for his debut against Bia Mesquita.

During the training, we also had the presence of five-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion Kyra Gracie, actors Malvino Salvador and João Vicente and a troop of friends from streamer Casimiro Miguel, better known as Cazé, who invited Pigzada and Chico Moedas from the channel “Aqueles Guys” to train with Anderson Silva. The action was motivated after provocations between Chael Sonnen, great opponent of Anderson Silva for Spaten Fight Night, and the streamer over the past few weeks. With all this support for Spider, it seems that the American fighter will not have an easy life here in Brazil.

Over the next few days, the athletes will continue their preparations for Spaten Fight Night, including Anderson, who will be on the main card of the night, against his historic rival Chael Sonnen. “The rivalry with Chael made me a better athlete, because I intensified my training. No matter how many years pass, the struggles we had will never leave people's memories, because we did it with love. When you decide to do something in your life, it has to be out of love, and then other things happen,” he said. Anderson Silva, when remembering his relationship with the American fighter and the importance of loving the sport.


The last week before the fights will still have a lot of action, including a special Encarada between the two fighters on Wednesday (12), in São Paulo. All this, in another event open to the public – In front of the B32 building, at Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3732, from 19pm. Anderson Silva He has already set his expectations for the next few days: “Everyone knows that Chael is controversial, so I don't know what will come from there, he's crazy. So I'm not going to say that I'm prepared for the face. I don’t know how many rounds the fight will last, but I hope it doesn’t last too long and I hope I win.”

Spaten Fight Night marks the farewell to Anderson Silva in Brazil, in a boxing duel against the American Chael Sonnen. In addition to the fight that marks this trilogy between Spider and his great rival and a duel between Hebert Conceição and Esquiva Falcão, they will also face each other: Kalyl Silva x Paulo Roberto and Jojo Ramos x Bia Mesquita. At the end, closing the sequence of fights, Seu Jorge enters the stage with an unmissable show, which will feature the special participation of Anderson Silva, making the fighter's farewell even more emotional. The after party will be hosted by the duo Deekapz, ensuring that the public's excitement remains high until the end of the night. The event is scheduled for June 15th, at Koplexo Tempo, in São Paulo.

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