MMA legend, Georges St-Pierre joins the discussion and names the best fighter active in the UFC

Former champion and welterweight legend, St-Pierre named champion Islam Makhachev as the best fighter today

G. St-Pierre (photo) is a former champion of two UFC categories (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Islam makhachev ou Jon Jones? The discussion regarding the best active fighter in the UFC has taken over the MMA community in recent weeks. While Dana White defends 'tooth and nail' that 'Bones' is the owner of the position, others, like Georges St-Pierre, believe that the 14 consecutive victories and three defenses of the lightweight belt are enough for the Russian to be the number 1.

Former welterweight and middleweight champion and considered by many to be one of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA, Georges St-Pierre, defended, in a video recently published by the Tristar Gym channel on 'YouTube', Islam makhachev as the best fighter today.


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“I think at the moment he (Makhachev) is the best pound for pound. Because of the latest performances. They were incredible. An incredible show of heart too, because he had a bad cut on his forehead and Poirier made things difficult for him. He pushed the pace to the limit and I think this fight will make Makhachev even better. These are the struggles that make you grow.”

Asked by coach Firas Zahabi if Makhachev can now be considered not only for the list of the best currently, but also of all time, St-Pierre agreed.


“He’s starting to have that status now. Beating Volkanovski and now with the latest incredible performances”, he concluded.

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