Anderson Silva praises Chael Sonnen and confirms his rival as the toughest opponent of his career

Close to a boxing fight, Brazilian legend explains why he considers North America the greatest challenge of his professional life

With an established career in MMA, having faced great opponents throughout his career in the sport, Anderson Silva confirmed Chael Sonnen as the toughest rival of his career. In a press conference held in São Paulo (SP), with the participation of SUPER FIGHTS, the legend praised his opponent at Spaten Fight Night and justified the reason for climbing the 'bad boy' as his 'biggest challenge' in mixed martial arts.

“Sonnen was the only guy who put me in a position to test myself 100%. I didn't train for that fight. The months that I prepared for the fight with Sonnen, I believe, were not the important months for me to be able to beat him. It was a whole set of training that I did throughout my life to get to that moment. That made the difference. I haven't had a tougher opponent in my life, other than Sonnen”, he said.Spider'.


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Anderson Silva facing off against Chael Sonnen. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In a respectful tone, Silva did not forget the other almost 50 opponents he had in MMA throughout his career in the sport. The Brazilian, however, explained what Chael proposed differently to win the competition against great icons of the sport.

“I respect everyone. They were all excellent opponents, but Chael put me in a very uncomfortable zone. He spent five rounds dominating the fight. I had never experienced this in my entire career, except in training. In training, I went through several much worse situations. It helped me create a winning mindset, so I could create a winning mindset, so I could win,” he concluded.


This Saturday (15), Anderson Silva makes its first appointment in almost two years. Out of the UFC since the end of 2020, the legend has dedicated himself to boxing presentations.

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