Michael Chandler recants after canceled fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 303

North American regrets loss of opportunity and says he was aware of the risks in booking fight against Irishman

Michael chandler would face C. McGregor on June 29th. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Amidst the long wait to hold the long-awaited clash against Conor McGregor on June 29, in the main fight of UFC 303, Michael chandler was forced to deal with unforeseen circumstances: cancellation of the fight. On his social networks, the athlete published a motivational text, stating that he was aware of the risks in fighting against the former double Ultimate champion.

“McGregor was never a safe bet as an opponent, he was always the biggest risk. Perhaps the greatest reward, but the greatest opportunity. There is no right or wrong in business… you only take risks to grow or to stay comfortable where you are. Embrace uncertainty. Seek the opportunity. Take calculated risks... That's what Chandler does. And if it doesn't go as planned... redirect the course towards something even greater. Our respect to the man who represents the world of fighting better than anyone we have ever met. WITHOUT FEAR. NO BOUNDARIES. NO EXCUSES. Make hard work your passion – who cares who is on the other end of the punch,” Chandler posted on his official Facebook account. Instagram.


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Despite the bitter episode, the expectation is that the confrontation will be rescheduled after Conor recovers from an injury. Complete information about the Irishman's health status has not yet been released.

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