Exclusive! Chael Sonnen gives up knockout and reveals unprecedented strategy to beat Anderson Silva in boxing

In an exclusive interview with SUPER LUTAS, the North American says he learned from 'lessons of the past' for his strategy against the Brazilian

Chael Sonnen, biggest historical rival of Anderson Silva, gives up the knockout as the main strategy for the boxing match that will put them face to face this Saturday (15), at 'Spaten Fight Night', in São Paulo. The fight marks 'Spider's' farewell to the Brazilian ring and Sonnen's debut in the sport.

In an exclusive interview to SUPER FIGHTS, Sonnen adopts a cautious and analytical speech, recognizing the difficulty of knocking out Anderson in his debut in the noble art.


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"Knock off? I do not think so. I mean, he's a very difficult guy to knock out. And I used a lot of energy. I'm not afraid of knocking him out, if I get the opportunity I'll do it, but I'm not thinking about a knockout. And I'm very sincere when I say that, because we have to learn from something from the past”, says the American.

Previous fights between the two, both in UFC and with victories for Anderson Silva, serve as a learning experience for Chael, who recognizes that he spent unnecessary energy seeking the knockout.


“One thing I did in the first and second fight was to put a lot of energy into finishing him off, hitting him so hard that the referee would have been able to stop the fight, but I think that was a mistake. I will not do that. And I think it was a mistake. I will not do that. The truth about boxing is that if you go for the knockout, you will lose by decision. I think it’s more likely to do several rounds”, concludes the North American.

The long-awaited rematch between Chael Sonnen e Anderson Silva is scheduled for 'Spaten Fight Night' this Saturday (15), in São Paulo. The confrontation promises to be electrifying and will mark the last clash of 'Spider' in Brazil.

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