Julia Polastri has a poor debut and is defeated by an undefeated Swede at UFC Vegas 93

The Brazilian fighter was unable to deal with her rival's striking and was defeated in the opening of this Saturday's card (15)

J. Knutsson defeated Julia Polastri at UFC Vegas 93 (Photo: Twitter/@ufcnews)

The night didn't start well for the Brazilians UFC Las Vegas 93. At the opening of the card held this Saturday (15), Brazilian Julia Polastri was unable to impose herself on the striking Josephine Knutsson and was defeated by unanimous decision by the judges in her Ultimate debut.

Born in Sweden, Knutsson maintains her unbeaten record in MMA and now boasts a record of eight consecutive victories. On the other hand, despite debuting on the wrong foot, Julia still maintains a good record of 12 positive results and only four negative results.


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Julia Polastri x Josefine Knutsson

The two fighters began the confrontation by exchanging high kicks in the first second. Then, Julia landed a left blow that landed cleanly on her rival's face. Justine locked the Brazilian in the clinch and landed a knee and an elbow that scared the Rio fighter. Josefine pressed again and started to connect more attacks on the Tupiniquim, which was finding it difficult to position itself in the fight.

In the final minute of the first round, Julia took down her rival and worked intensely on ground and pound until the bell sounded and finished the round with morale and confidence. When the fight returned, Knutsson began taking control of the action and connecting with kicks and some right crosses on the Brazilian.


With greater reach, the Swede tried to maintain her distance using her stomps on the Brazilian's waist line, who entered Knutsson's legs and managed a new takedown. Julia manages to pass her rival's guard and control the position, however, unintentionally, Knutsson landed an illegal blow on the Tupiniquim, which forced the referee to stop the confrontation.

The two athletes returned in the same position. However, the Brazilian exposed her neck, which caused Justine to attempt a submission that didn't work. Upon returning to the third round, Knutsson followed the same strategy of using kicks to keep the Brazilian at bay and not expose herself to another takedown.


With just over two minutes remaining, Julia got into her rival's legs again and managed another takedown. Using ground and pound from half guard, Polastri punished the Swede with punches and elbows. In the final minute, the Brazilian landed a katagatame for a few seconds but Knutsson managed the transition brilliantly and took control of the position and the duel came to an end soon after.


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