Gabriella Fernandes overcomes 'war' and defeats Carli Judice at UFC Vegas 93

The Brazilian had a great duel with Carli Judice, but emerged victorious in the unanimous decision of the judges


G. Fernandes won his first UFC fight (Photo: Twitter/@ufcnews)

Brazilian Gabriella Fernandes took to the Octagon UFC Las Vegas 93 under pressure, however, won her first victory in the organization. On Saturday night (15), the Tupiniquim flyweight (up to 56,7 kg) put up a great fight against the North American Carli Judice and emerged victorious in the judges' split decision.


The positive result at UFC Vegas 93 marked Gabriella's first triumph in the organization. In her first two commitments, the Brazilian was defeated in both. Now, the Brazilian athlete has an MMA record of nine victories and only two setbacks.

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The duel started hot, with the two fighters exchanging blows openly in the center of the cage. Gabriella worked well with combinations of jabs and straight shots, but Judice responded well in the space left by the Brazilian in her guard. With greater reach, Carli started to use high kicks and crosses to try to slow down the Brazilian's momentum.


The American landed a spinning kick that rocked Gabriella. Judice imposed a good pace of movement, which forced the Tupiniquim athlete to hold the fight on the fence until the first bell sounded. Upon returning to the second round, 'Gabi' began putting pressure on her rival and landing good blows, punishing her opponent's face.

Gabriella continued to maintain a good rhythm of pressure + blows on Judice, who got into the Brazilian's legs and tried to change the level of the fight, but Fernandes quickly got up. The Brazilian also changed her strategy and started to lock the North American in the clinch, placing her close to the fence. Gabi was unable to take down her rival, however, in the final seconds, Carli was more efficient and ended the round by taking down the Tupiniquim.


The third half began with both athletes exchanging blows openly in the center of the cage. Gabriella was moving forward all the time, but the American connected her jabs to keep the Brazilian at bay. A cross from Judice grazed Gabriella and shook the Tupiniquim.

With an efficient strategy and showing gas, Carli worked her combinations well and scored by hitting the Brazilian from medium to long distance. In the final seconds, the North American pinned the Brazilian to the fence, both returned to the center of the cage and heard the last bell ring.

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