Anderson's son, Kalyl Silva dominates opponent at Spaten Fight Night and maintains unbeaten record in boxing

In a rematch against Paulo Roberto, Kalyl Silva once again gets the better of his opponent and wins on points

Kalyl Silva fighting at Spaten Fight Night. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Under the father's eyes, Anderson Silva, Kalyl Silva won her Spaten Fight Night performance. Highlighted at this Saturday's event (15), held in São Paulo (SP), the martial arts prospect once again got the better of Paulo Roberto, in a rematch in the 'noble art'. After five rounds, the athlete was declared the winner with a unanimous decision by the judges.

Despite not being able to repeat the knockout imposed against his rival in 2022, Silva controlled the confrontation and even took his opponent to the canvas on one occasion.


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With the result, Kalyl remains undefeated in professional boxing. Now the son of Anderson Silva accumulates three positive results in a row.

Invincibility maintained

The fight started with Kalyl launching attacks on Paulo's waistline. Roberto circled the ring, while Anderson's son chased his opponent. Paulo had the best distance and started hitting Kalyl with clean jabs to the face, until the bell sounded.


In the second stage, the athletes exchanged attacks at medium distance in the center of the ring. Still in the first minute, Silva threw a cross, which grazed his opponent's guard. Kalyl's jabs started to enter the opponent, but Paulo was dangerous with his counterattacks. In the final seconds, Anderson's son tried to corner his opponent against the ropes and attacked with a cross, which grazed his rival's face.

The third round began with a verbal warning to Paulo Roberto, who grabbed Kalyl. Roberto was more aggressive, but Silva started to loosen up. In the final minute, Kalyl tried to connect powerful blows, but the attacks passed in vain. Roberto moved and forced his opponent to make mistakes.


In the last round, the fighters started striking. Kalyl got the upper hand and took his opponent to the canvas with a cross. Anderson's son was looking for the knockout and continued punishing his opponent. The moment belonged to Silva, who continued to score and throw hard-hitting blows. In the final minute, Paulo awaited his opponent's actions and scared him with an uppercut followed by a straight shot. The fight ended with Silva hitting his rival with two straight shots, and there was no more time.

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