Former champion questions Conor McGregor's career continuity after UFC 303 exit

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping has doubts about whether Conor McGregor will return to the Octagon in the future

Conor McGregor is a former UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor He is a former UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@thenotoriousmma

A new injury frustrated the plans of fans and Ultimate to have Conor McGregor back in action almost three years after breaking his leg suffered in a duel against Dustin poirier, in July 2021. Former middleweight champion (up to 83,9 kg) and current commentator for the organization, Michael Bisping revealed that he had already been informed about the matter, but that he preferred to remain optimistic about the Irishman's continuity in the UFC 303, on the 29nd of June.

In a video published on his official YouTube channel, Bisping stated that former referee Big John McCarthy had already told him about the injury suffered by the Irishman, which would have been in the same leg he suffered against Poirier.


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Dana White (left) and Conor McGregor (right) at a UFC press conference. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @thenotoriousmma

“I don't know why I was optimistic that this fight would still happen. I should know. I was at a film shoot last week and Big John McCarthy, an absolute authority on MMA, told me without a doubt that this fight would not happen. That he (McGregor) was hurt. That the injury would be on the leg he injured against Dustin poirier. That's what Big John told me. I thought he was wrong,” revealed the Brit.

With the confirmation of the new injury and the departure of Conor McGregor do UFC 303, Michael Bisping fears that the fight against Dustin poirier, in July 2021, was the Irishman's last appearance in the organization's octagon.


“The big question is, is this it? Will McGregor fight again? Now of course they will take Michael chandler e Conor McGregor for another date. He got hurt this time. What guarantees he won't get hurt next time? What guarantees that he will be the same fighter again? His fight against Dustin poirier It may have been the last time Conor McGregor stepped into the Octagon. Fighters are not the same. Anderson Silva He came back from the fracture and it wasn't the same. Chris Weidman it wasn't the same. It may have been the last time”, he concluded.

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