Whittaker avoids disrespecting Chimaev's delicate moment and expresses solidarity with the athlete

Australian sends positive messages to former opponent; athletes would face each other at UFC Saudi Arabia this Saturday (22)

R. Whittaker would face K. Chimaev. Photo: Reproduction/Montage SUPER FIGHTS

Despite the loss of opportunity to carry out a crucial fight against Khamzat Shimaev No. UFC Saudi Arabia, Robert whittaker alleviates possible disappointment with the cancellation of the fight with a rival. In order not to create a provocative atmosphere, the Australian expressed solidarity with the delicate moment and wished the Emirati who had problems with foodborne infections a good recovery.

“There is no bitter taste. I sincerely feel sorry for him, wish him a speedy recovery and wish him all the best. At the end of the day, we are in an entertainment sport. I understand that we fight and we are opponents and we see each other in that light, but outside of the octagon, outside of those 15, 25 minutes, we are just people and I wish him a speedy recovery and good health,” Whittaker said in an interview with 'MMA Junkies'.


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As he continued his speech, the veteran highlighted a new challenge and denied that he was underestimating his new opponent's abilities. Ikram Aliskerov.

“(The title) is not something I really focus on too much. I don't look beyond the fight. I understand the threat and gravity that Ikram will bring to the fight. I can't afford to think beyond him. I’m just focused and focused on trying to take his head off in the 25 minutes I was given,” he concluded.


R. Whittaker is a former UFC middleweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Previously scheduled to face Khamzat Shimaev This Saturday (22), Whittaker is preparing to face Aliskerov, an athlete who is enjoying a great moment in his career. The duel will last five rounds and will take place in Saudi Arabia.


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