Michael Chandler ignores cancellation and guarantees presence at UFC 303: 'my event'

Veteran seeks to fulfill promise and says he will be in the stands at T-Mobile Arena on June 29

Victim of false illusion, Michael chandler saw another chance to face Conor McGregor escape through your hands. Previously cast to star in UFC 303, the athletes were replaced by Alex Poatán x Jiri Prochazka. Despite this fact, the North American promised to keep his word and guaranteed his presence at the event that continues to be 'his'.

"And the UFC 303, Alex Poatán x Jiri Prochazka and just six days ago it was Conor McGregor x Michael chandler. It's my card. It was my card when I signed the contract, so it was my name on pieces of paper saying it would be at the UFC 303. I made a promise and a commitment and it holds true. If you have no words, you are no good (…) so, yes, I will be at UFC 303,” Chandler said during a live stream on his official Instagram account.


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Despite being present, Chandler reinforced that he will not climb into the Octagon to face any athlete.

“No, I will not be fighting in the UFC 303, but I will watch (…) maybe I will go to UFC 303 because I want to watch UFC 303. But I will be present there because I made a promise. Hope to see you there,” she concluded.

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler face off on TUF (Photo: Twitter/TheNotoriusMMA)

Conor McGregor e Michael chandler facing each other on TUF (Photo: Twitter/TheNotoriusMMA)

Scheduled to take place on June 29th, UFC 303 There will be a main fight for the light heavyweight title (up to 93kg) between Poatan and Prochazka. Despite the cancellation, the expectation is that the Irish and North American will face each other in the future after Conor heals from his injury.


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