Diego Lopes evaluates duel against Brian Ortega and cites importance of confrontation between black belts

Brazilian recognizes evolution and danger presented by the next opponent; athletes face each other on June 29, at UFC 303

Diego Lopes celebrates victory in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCEspanol

Diego lopes celebrates victory in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCEspanol

Cast at the last minute for the biggest confrontation of his career, Diego lopes expect nothing more than a high-level duel against Brian ortega No. UFC 303, on June 29th. Aware that his rival has a flagship in grappling, the Brazilian shows no hesitation in venturing to the ground to see who probably has the best jiu-jitsu in the featherweight division (up to 65,7kg).

“I think that if the fight goes to the ground, he's a black belt, I'm a black belt and we both have the necessary skills to neutralize each other, but also to test each other's strength. I definitely think this fight could define who has the best jiu-jitsu in the division,” he said. Diego lopes ao MMA Junkie.


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When he continued his speech, Diego highlighted a style similar to Ortega's and recognized the evolution of his next opponent in terms of skills.

“We both have similar styles. He has power in his hands, good boxing and good jiu-jitsu too. He is a fighter who started with a great level in grappling and slowly began to show his evolution. This also happened to me. I'm a jiu-jitsu fighter who is evolving with my hands. It’s a fight of similar styles,” he concluded.


B. Ortega in victory for the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Protagonists of the penultimate fight of the UFC 303, Diego lopes e Brian ortega face each other on June 29, at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas (USA). The expectation is that the winner will move closer to a title shot if they win.

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