Cejudo goes against the grain and highlights the positive side of McGregor leaving UFC 303

North American believes that former double champion may be having an evolution in his personality before returning

C. McGregor (photo) weighing in UFC 264. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Amid concerns and criticism about the situation of Conor McGregor, Henry Cejudo went against the popular trend and highlighted the positive side of the Irish no longer being present in the UFC 303. Despite reports that the former double champion is injured, 'Triplo C' is satisfied that the athlete is knowing how to deal with a possible internal war against his own ego.

“Let me say it this way, Kamaru: the fact that Conor McGregor having to withdraw is actually a very good sign. What I mean by that is that he's probably killing some of his ego and is now taking this much more seriously than ever before. It's also an experience for him, so the way I'm looking at it too is that they're going to fight, but he's at that point where 'I want to make sure I'm 100%', like this return for me is real.” Cejudo on his podcast 'Pound 4 Pound'.


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Victim of great frustration, Conor McGregor was removed from UFC 303 due to an injury suffered weeks before the event. Despite the cancellation, the confrontation against Michael chandler It should be rescheduled in 2024, as Dana White and the American expressed interest in keeping the fight going.

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