Jake Paul names UFC icon as 'owner of the weakest punches he's ever faced' in boxing

In a new provocation, Jake Paul minimized Nate Diaz's firepower and accused his rival of avoiding facing him in MMA

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Jake Paul He has surpassed four MMA icons in recent years. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

About to face the bare-knuckle boxing champion Mike Perry on July 20th and with a challenge against the legendary Mike Tyson scheduled for November 15th, Jake Paul still has on his radar the desire to venture into professional MMA against Nate diaz and does not miss opportunities to provoke the rival.

In a recent edition of his podcast 'BS', Jake Paul, who defeated Nate diaz in a boxing fight in August last year, he stated that his rival was 'running away' from a new confrontation, this time in MMA.


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Alex Poatan after victory at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
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"Nate diaz He's avoiding me in MMA. He's actually avoiding an MMA fight, which is crazy. We raised the offer to US$15 million, but he really doesn’t want to fight”, said the YouTuber.

The provocations didn't stop there. Asked by Sean O'Malley about how he would deal with the high level of jiu-jitsu in Nate diaz, Jake Paul pointed to the guillotine as the only risk factor and stated that his rival is the owner of the “weakest punches” he has ever received in his career.


“That's how I feel. If I don't fall into a guillotine, I win the fight. Even if he was on top of me, I would throw him away. He honestly has the weakest punch I've ever faced. When he started hitting me I almost started laughing. I'm not saying this to provoke. Of everyone I've ever trained and fought in my entire life, his punches were the weakest. I'm not talking shit. That's why I think it's funny that he took down Conor and everything. How?,” he finished.

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