Gabriel Napão beats Roberto “Tussa” in his return to jiu-jitsu

The UFC heavyweight, Gabriel Napao, returned to jiu-jitsu competitions with victories. The black belt took part in the super fight at Warriors in Combat, an event held last weekend and produced by his partner Marco Alvan. Napão defeated Gracie Barra athlete Roberto “Tussa” Alencar on points.

In addition to the super fight, the event featured an absolute submission GP, ​​with a prize of two thousand and five hundred dollars for the champion and the big winner was Alexandre “Vaca”, who won his three fights on the night to take the title.

“Warriors in Combat is an event created by me and Napão and we entered into this to show that Jiu Jitsu also fills a concert hall. The event had nine submission fights and nine MMA fights, in addition to the Napão fight. The crowd approved! Our next event will be a submission GP under 77 kilos and we intend to bring big names”, said Marco Alvan. Check out the full results


Main fight:
– Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga defeated Roberto “Tussa” Alencar on points;

Super Submission Fight:
Jorge Patino submitted Jerry Speigel;


Absolute Submission GP:

– Alexandre “Vaca” defeated Sean Eager on points;
– Andrew Silber defeated Peter Kerentzas on points;
– Lee Been defeated Nate Kitdrege on points;
– Jorge Patino defeated Justin Torrey via split decision;


– Alexandre “Vaca” Moreno submitted Andrew Silber with a footlock;
– Lee Been defeated Jorge Patino on points;

– Alexandre “Vaca” Moreno defeated Lee Been on points;

– John Naples defeated Kori Johnson via unanimous decision by the judges;
– Brian Beaury defeated Joshua Pento by technical knockout in R3;
– Brian American submitted Ramon Lima in R1;
– Nate Hicks defeated Matt Leddick by TKO in R2;
– Kemran Lachinov defeated Rogelio Bracetty via unanimous decision by the judges;
– Mike Filliponi defeated Junior Ribeiro by technical knockout in R1;
– Collis Markes defeated Ellio Correia by technical knockout in R1;
– Andrew Gomme defeated Wesley Carvalho by technical knockout in R1;
– Nelson Puentes submitted Brendan Laplante in R2.



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