Cara de Sapato is defeated by Alex Polizzi at PFL 5 and is virtually eliminated from the light heavyweight tournament

The Brazilian star had a good start but succumbed physically and was nullified by his rival in the opening of the main card this Saturday (21)

C. de Sapato is out of the PFL season (Photo: PFL)

End of the dream of a second light heavyweight championship (up to 93kg) for Antonio Shoe Guy. At the opening of the PFL 5 card, which took place on Friday night (21), the Brazilian had a good start but lost intensity from the second round onwards and was defeated by the North American Alex Polizzi in a unanimous decision by the judges.

With the negative result, Shoe Face suffers his first defeat in the PFL and is virtually eliminated from the light heavyweight tournament in the 2024 season. The Brazilian once again feels the bitter taste of a setback after just over three years and now has a record of 16 triumphs and six setbacks .


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The fight

Immediately after the bell sounded, the two athletes greeted each other and Polizzi got into Sapato's legs, managing to take him down, but without being able to keep the Brazilian on the ground. Antônio landed a clean blow on his rival and, after feeling the power, the North American stuck to the former BBB's legs again.

The two athletes returned to standing in the center of the cage and Sapato tried to corner the North American without rushing and just working with his jabs. The Brazilian quickly got into his rival's legs and quickly got the takedown and transitioned to the back, but Polizzi defended well and got out of position.


In the final seconds of the opening round, Polizzi landed an unintentional low blow that forced the referee to stop the fight. In the second half, the two athletes started exchanging blows in the center of the cage and started exchanging positions close to the fence. The North American tried a choke, came to pressure but Sapato made a good save and got out of the attempt.

Back in the center of the cage, the two light heavyweights exchanged some blows and Alex quickly stuck with him again. Shoe Face who found it difficult to deal with his rival's 'tick' style. Polizzi managed to stop the Tupiniquim's arm and started punishing him with blows and elbows using ground and pound. Antônio needed to stop the confrontation to be able to breathe and stop his rival's momentum until the end of the round.


The third half began with Sapato working on his jabs and using his wingspan to avoid Polizzi's approach. The North American adapted well to the Brazilian's game and was able to cut angles to connect blows on the former BBB. Alex continued with his grappling game and managed to stop the confrontation and at the same time nullify Antônio's takedown attempts.

When there were around two minutes left until the end of the fight, the two athletes were tangled up on the ground, with Polizzi blocking Sapato's arms and striking the Brazilian calmly without being disturbed. Apparently worn out, Antônio couldn't even find the strength to get up and continued to be nullified by the North American who locked the Tupiniquim on the ground and continued connecting blows until the end of the confrontation.

Rob Wilkinson beats Josh Silveira and advances to the semi-finals


RWilkinson is a former light heavyweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube


Continuing with the main card of PFL 5, Rob Wilkinson beat Joshua Silveira in a split decision from the judges and advanced to the semi-finals of the light heavyweight tournament. The Australian knew how to deal with his rival's initial pressure, mirrored his opponent's strategy and showed more physical fitness to maintain the game until the end of the match.

The two fighters delivered a very lively confrontation, with Silveira working well alternating strikes with takedowns to lock Wilkinson in the cage and seek the takedown. The Australian mirrored the strategy by adopting a similar stance to his rival during much of the confrontation. At the end of the 15-minute confrontation, the judges declared Wilkinson's victory by split decision.

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