Thor Cup with good prizes

Here comes the Thor Jiu-Jitsu Cup, which takes place on November 14th, at Melo Tênis Clube, in Rio de Janeiro. The event comes with good prizes at all levels.

All absolutes, which will be divided into light (76kg with gi) and heavy, will be worth cash prizes. Black belt champions receive R$500, brown belt champions R$250, purple belt R$200, blue belt R$100 and white belt R$50. In the women's absolute, purple, brown and black belt fighters fight together and the prize is R$300. There will also be other prizes, such as supplements and clothing kits for the runners-up. In the junior absolute, the champions will win kimonos.

“This type of competition is important because it searches for new talents. Furthermore, we are honoring athletes with awards at all levels. We want to value jiu-jitsu fighters”, comments Marcelo Araújo, organizer of the competition.


Registration costs R$35 and contact can be made by calling 7864-7689, 7829-8737, 7864-7688 and 2792-4372

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