The 'meteor' Poatan: see a comparison between the beginning of the Brazilian's trajectory and other UFC legends

After two and a half years of Poatan, SUPER FIGHTS compares the beginning of the champion's career with those of other historic fighters

Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/X/UFCEspanol

Alex Poatán He is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/X/UFCEspanol

Five title fights and two titles won. This could be the resume of a fighter with an extensive and established career in MMA, but it is about the achievements of Alex Poatán less than three years after starting his career as a UFC athlete.

About to defend the light heavyweight belt (up to 93 kg) for the second time in his fifth title fight in the organization, this Saturday (29), at UFC 303, Poatan had a meteoric rise in the organization, needing just eight fights to become champion of not just one, but two Ultimate categories.


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With that in mind, the team at SUPER FIGHTS decided to look back and remember what the first 30 months of UFC were like for other legends, who inhabit discussions about the biggest names in the organization's history.

Jon Jones

J. Jones after UFC victory. Photo: Reproduction/Facebook UFC


If in 30 months Alex Poatán already has two belts in the UFC, Jon Jones, seen by many as the greatest fighter in the history of MMA, had not yet won any in the same period of time, but had already qualified for it.

At just 23 years old, the current heavyweight champion (up to 120,2 kg) had already had seven fights in the organization in February 2011, when he completed two years and six months in Ultimate. 'Bones had just knocked Ryan bader and, the following month, he would dethrone the then champion Mauricio Shogun to begin one of the most impressive reigns in history.


Anderson Silva

Anderson (photo) won the UFC belt in October 2006. Photo: Disclosure/UFC

Greatest Brazilian of all time in MMA, Anderson Silva He arrived at the UFC in June 200 and, in the same year, won the middleweight belt (up to 83,9 kg) with a victory over Rich Franklin.

In a period of two and a half years, 'Spider' had and won eight fights in the organization, including winning the title and four defenses.


George St Pierre

G. St-Pierre was UFC welterweight and middleweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @ufccanada

Absolute welterweight legend and middleweight champion, Georges St-Pierre arrived in the UFC in January 2004 and, in the period up to July 2006, saw action eight times, with a record identical to that of Alex Poatán: seven wins and one defeat.

The Canadian, however, had two title fights in this window of time, losing the first to Matt hugs and taking revenge on his rival and becoming champion in the second. 'GSP' would go on to lose and regain the title against Matt Serra before beginning his legendary reign in the 77-pound division.

José Aldo

J. Aldo (photo) with the UFC belt. Photo: Disclosure/UFC

The case of José Aldo is different from the others, as the Brazilian arrived at the UFC as champion, due to the merger with the WEC. In his first two and a half years at home, the featherweight legend (up to 65,7 kg) had and won five fights, all of which were worth the category belt.

Demetrious Johnson

Johnson defending his belt (Photo: Reproduction/ Facebook/UFC)

Flyweight legend (up to 56,7 kg), Demetrious Johnson He arrived at the UFC in February 2011, still as a bantamweight (up to 61,2 kg). In two and a half years, the 'Mighty Mouse' saw action seven times, with five wins, one loss and a 'No Contest', won the flyweight belt and defended the title once.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

K. Nurmagomedov (photo) in victory over McGregor. Photo: Reproduction / Facebook UFC

Retired undefeated with 30 wins in 30 fights, Khabib Nurmagomedov His name is also included by many in discussions about the greatest fighters in history. The Russian, however, took longer than the others to gain real prominence in the organization.

In the first two and a half years of UFC, Khabib entered the Octagon six times, with six wins. However, the Russian would need four more victories and almost four years to become lightweight champion.

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