Adesanya provokes Poatan with video after the Brazilian's knockout at UFC 303: 'Flame'

Nigerian rekindles rivalry, makes video about knockout and uses Brazilian's catchphrase on social media

Alex Poatan and Israel Adesanya face off in the Octagon at UFC 287 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Alex Poatán e Israel adesanya facing each other in the octagon UFC 287 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

The rivalry between Israel adesanya e Alex Poatán appears to be far from over. In response to the Brazilian's brutal victory over Jiri Prochazka No. UFC 303 last Saturday (29), the Nigerian used social media to launch a provocation to the remember the knockout which he applied to his rival in April 2023.

Through an overproduced video, Adesanya turns the fight into an action film. In it, the Nigerian takes on the role of an 'Avatar', using his powers to send Poatan out of the Octagon with a devastating punch.


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Alex Poatan defeats Jiri Prochazka by knockout at UFC 303. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC Espanol
New angle with Alex Poatan's brutal knockout at UFC 303 is released. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC

The scene is followed by four arrows, representing the four elements of nature, symbolizing Adesanya's complete domination over his opponent.

It is worth mentioning that the rivalry between the two fighters is historic, with four clashes in total. Although Israel won the last duel, the general record is in Alex's favor, with three victories, two of which in kickboxing.


Adesanya's provocation rekindles the flame of rivalry and calls into question the possible end of the Nigerian's rivalry with the Brazilian. Dana White, president of the UFC, had already signaled the possibility of a trilogy between the fighters, and Poatan's dominant performance at light heavyweight makes him an even more attractive candidate for the Nigerian, who is scheduled to fight for the middleweight belt ( up to 83,9kg.) with Dricus du Plessis.

VIDEO: Adesanya provokes Poatan with video after the Brazilian's knockout at UFC 303: 'Flame'


Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC

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