Boxing trainer compares Alex Poatan to Mike Tyson and other legends of the noble art after victory at UFC 303

Trainer, commentator and boxing Hall of Famer Teddy Atlas compared Poatan's intimidation ability to Tyson's

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Alex Poatán lands left cross on Jiri Prochazka No. UFC 303 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

The knockout of Alex Poatán about Jiri Prochazka to defend the light heavyweight belt (up to 93 kg) in the main fight of UFC 303, last Saturday (29), broke the boundaries of MMA and impressed big names in boxing, such as Teddy Atlas, renowned trainer and commentator on the noble art, who compared the Brazilian to legendary names in the sport.

In an interview with the North American 'ESPN', the trainer, a member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame, praised Poatan's left cross that knocked Prochazka at the end of the first round and compared the Brazilian's ability to strike in short distance to Joe Louis, world champion in the 30s and 40s.


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Poatan receives yellow belt in judo from Kayla Harrison after knockout at UFC 303. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/ESPN
Alex Poatan greets Dana White. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I haven't seen a short punch like that since videos of the great Joe Louis. Joe Louis was famous for throwing six-inch punches. I just saw a 15-inch left hook. Incredible”, he praised.

Thinking about more contemporary times, Atlas compared the vision of struggle Alex Poatán with that of world champion Terence Crawford, owner of world belts in three categories and an undefeated record of 40 victories, with 31 knockouts.


“He has the radar. He has X-ray vision. He sees things that others don't see. Terence Crawford is that kind of guy in boxing. When you see things and remain so calm, you react faster. They call it 'timing', but he has a special 'timing' because he has that calmness and that type of vision”, compared the coach.

Another thing that impressed Teddy Atlas in his last fight Alex Poatán It was the long look between the fighters from the moment they stepped into the Octagon until the start of the fight. In the coach's opinion, the Brazilian's ability to intimidate makes him get ahead of his opponents, just as happened with names like Mike Tyson and George Foreman in boxing.


“Don’t think it doesn’t have any effect. When a guy manages to get into your soul, it feels like he's looking inside you. There was Sonny Liston, there was George Foreman, there was someone named Mike Tyson. It worked for them. Helps to deteriorate the opponent. That's what you're trying to do. You're trying to dismantle the guy. When you enter, you physically try to break the guy, but before you start, you mentally try to break him. That's where he (Poatan) comes out ahead of everyone. That's when you become the bogeyman. At this moment, Alex Pereira is the bogeyman”, he concluded.

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