Poatan explains how Prochazka's warm-up video was decisive for his knockout at UFC 303

Prochazka's warm-up video released on social media minutes before the fight made Poatan notice a defensive error

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Alex Poatán knocked out Jiri Prochazka No. UFC 303 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Famous mainly for his leg kicks and left cross, Alex Poatán even punished Jiri Prochazka with their trademarks in the first round of the world title fight UFC 303, last Saturday (29), but it was with a surprising high kick at the beginning of the second round that the Brazilian secured the second defense of the light heavyweight belt (up to 93 kg). As much as it seemed 'out of the hat', the decisive blow was planned by the Brazilian minutes before heading to the octagon, with a 'little help' from his rival.

In a press conference held after the UFC 303, Poatan revealed that a video of Prochazka's warm-up shared on social media was enough for him to notice a defensive gap in the Czech and add the high kick to his strategy minutes before entering the Octagon.


“I was actually in the locker room talking to my coaches and they showed a video of Jiri warming up. I saw he was trying to counter the calf kick. Defend and counterattack. But I told Plinio (Cruz) that he was doing it at the wrong time. I saw that he was too focused on receiving the kick and was keeping his hands low and exposing himself, so I told him that I would explore the high kick”, revealed the champion.

First Brazilian man to win belts in two categories, Alex Poatán He now has two title defenses in the light heavyweight category (up to 93 kg), of which he has been champion since November last year.


Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC

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