Hill evaluates Poatan's performance at UFC 303 and makes an unprecedented comment about his rival

North American highlights the Brazilian's evolution and recognizes the athlete's fatal blow power

Alex Poatan Jiri Prochazka UFC 303 Instagram UFC 3

Alex Poatán lands left cross on Jiri Prochazka No. UFC 303 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Declared rival of Alex Poatán and thirsty for a new opportunity to face him, Jamahal hill left ego aside and surrendered to the talent presented by the Brazilian in UFC 303. Keeping an eye on the clash between the light heavyweight champion (up to 93kg) against Jiri Prochazka, the North American highlighted the executioner's dominance and recognized the São Paulo native's progress in the Octagon.

“It was a great fight, great main fight. Absolutely dominant performance from Alex, from start to finish. I believe that this was, honestly, the first fight where Alex came and won the fight from the beginning until the moment he got the outcome. He didn't need a comeback. Jiri managed to apply some challenges, but he adapted and made adjustments”, declared Jamahal on his channel YouTube.


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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Diego Lopes Dan Ige UFC 303 Instagram UFC 3
Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/X/UFCEspanol

Victim of Poatan's famous left cross, Jamahal praised the power of the blow delivered by the Brazilian against Prochazka.

“The first cross he placed on Jiri made it possible to see Jiri's eyes rolling. Then, he threw another one that shook Jiri's legs a little and he threw another one at the end of the round that put him on his back on the ground. The adjustments (from Poatan) were beautiful. He seemed involved, he seemed to be climbing the ladder and getting better as a fighter.”

Alex Poatan Jiri Prochazka UFC 303 Instagram UFC

Alex Poatán knocked out Jiri Prochazka No. UFC 303 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Finally, Hill compared Poatan to Jon Jones and preached respect to the athlete in justification for seeking rematch in the future.


"I'm very excited. You can't get to the top by winning the title and starting to ask what the next step will be. We start to see a guy coming into the division, doing these things and it motivates you, makes you hungry to test yourself against him. I came here looking to test myself against a guy like Jon Jones and with a guy starting to do these legendary things now and me having the chance to go against him, it's a great opportunity.”

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